Crash Courses

Crash courses are seen as an effective way to boost a student’s grade in a very short space of time, they will be offered for all of our core subjects and will take place during the holiday periods. This will include the winter and spring breaks, as well as half term holidays.

Terms and conditions apply:



To book a place onto the crash courses for AS-Level, it is required that the student must have achieved at least a B (grade 6) in the subject at GCSE level; similarly, for an A2 level course a grade B must be achieved at AS in the subject. For GCSE crash courses, an in-house assessment will be taken.



Prior to starting a crash course, an assessment will be taken to judge the level of understanding which the student hold for the breadth and depth of their subject; individual feedback will be provided by the allocated tutor before a timetable is issued and the lessons pursued. The assessments allow for individual requirements to be taken into consideration when teaching.

What does the crash course involve?

A crash course will typically be timetabled to start in the morning of one day, and can sometimes last until the evening. With several double periods, (and regular breaks in between), the tutors will aim to cover contents of entire syllabus’ for subjects within the timeframe of the holiday period; assessing students appropriately as they progress. All students are expected to complete the course once it has commenced in order to achieve the desired results.


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